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See what I did there? I’m Toby, and I love words. I’m a 27-year-old British writer based in Portugal (between Porto and Ponta Delgada), and I’d love to work with your words. Come, take a look.

Personal Branding
Product Marketing
Content Production

About Me

You know the basics already: I’m 27 and a freelance writer. Born in London, currently living in Portugal. I’ve worked for some cool companies, including:

What I Do

I describe myself as a writer rather than a copywriter because it better captures the range of words I can produce. I offer the following core services, but if it includes words, I can do it.

Personal Branding

I can build your voice on LinkedIn. It’s time-consuming, but I have time!


I can write articles for you without using AI. It’s still worth it!

Prod. Marketing

I communicate product. Platform, newsletters, case studies etc.


Any odd jobs! Video scripts, email campaigns, posters, etc.


Launching the Infraspeak Network

One of my proudest achievements to date! This was a major product milestone for my previous company.

I was tasked with finding a creative way of telling the story of a new solution that connected facility managers and service providers, and this is what I came up with:

My Clients

My writing has covered the lot, from geocoding to facility management, product management to personal branding. Will you be my next logo?

“When I managed Toby at Infraspeak, he was the guardian of our product positioning. He played a pivotal role in developing the product messaging, orchestrating impactful product campaigns, refining our brand positioning, and delivering the launch of new features. His creative flair and resourcefulness are remarkable.”

Diana Sousa


Lets Work Together

If I’ve done enough to keep you scrolling down to this point, we might be on to something! Click the link below, and let’s schedule a time to chat. I do 30-minute discovery calls because nobody likes wasting time on the wrong guy!