What I Do

Working in a fast-paced startup like Infraspeak meant I learnt one skill above all others: how to write. Creative briefs, headings and ads, social media, product. You name it, I can do it.


Personal Branding

Everyone likes to have their say.

The LinkedIn “10X your EVERYTHING in a week” gurus are saying it: personal branding is hot. My formula is simple, non-pretentious, and explained in the linked video.



Strictly no-AI, proving that brains are still sexy.

Don’t be like Buzzfeed. A website known for sh*tty clickbait went one step further by firing their employees in favour of AI. Don’t do that. Let’s contribute to your space.


Product Marketing

Like a fly on the wall, I’ll learn what’s needed.

To write about a product, you need to immerse yourself in it. You need someone willing to learn the details of your product, which takes time. I am, and I’ll learn it for free.



Struggling with words? I can work.

Words come easily to some, but not everyone. Look, I’m not saying I’m a wizard. I can’t code a website, build a , or use AdobeSuite. I can write, though.

Lets Work Together

If I’ve done enough to keep you scrolling down to this point, we might be on to something! Click the link below, and let’s schedule a time to chat. I do 30-minute discovery calls because nobody likes wasting time on the wrong guy!