I can write weird. I can write academic. I can write SaaS.

About Me

Five fun facts about Toby Feldman

1. I have a proven track record. I’ve worked for clients and companies in London, Mexico City, Geneva, Porto, and Remote—they still like me, and I still like them.
2. I can write quickly. Words come easily to my head. For some this isn’t natural, for me… what can I say. I definitely have areas for improvement, but we’ll cover thosewhen we’re working together.
3. I embrace my weirdness. A little weird, but not too much! I’ve been finding that balance for the last three years at a leading SaaS company. For unfiltered Toby … here’s my blog.
4. I’m flexible. I can learn your platform and be your part-time fly-on-the-wall copywriter; I could write your personal brand campaigns on LinkedIn or basically whatever you want. I just need words.
5. I can work in several languages. I got a 1st class honours in languages at the University of Bristol, and have professional experience working in Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Arsenal fans get 10% off for telling me where this is from:

“He may be cast in bronze, but he’s still capable of producing truly golden moments

Nobody cares what I have to say. I’m here to tell your story.

Over my short copywriting and writing career, I’ve learned that nobody cares what I have to say. Unless you choose to read my personal blog, you just want to read about things that matter to you. Not my silly musings.

That makes sense. Here’s an example:
If I’m writing for a tech company like Infraspeak, talking about one of their tech integrations with an ERP software solution (sexy, I know), nobody wants my opinion.

Who cares what I have to say about that integration? It’s not my job. My job is to tell the product’s story in a way that clarifies how it helps you.

The same is true for personal branding. Whatever you’re announcing, my opinion, means nothing. My job is to translate your achievements into easy-to-understand texts.

Nothing more, nothing less. Rinse and repeat.

My Clients

My writing has covered the lot, from geocoding to facility management, product management to personal branding. Will you be my next logo?

Lets Work Together

If I’ve done enough to keep you scrolling down to this point, we might be on to something! Click the link below, and let’s schedule a time to chat. I do 30-minute discovery calls because nobody likes wasting time on the wrong guy!